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5 Tips for Fire Prevention in the Office

5 Tips for Fire Prevention in the Office

An office fire may be the last thing on your mind when headed to work in the morning. After all, compared to other industries, such as manufacturing or warehousing, it might feel like an office environment is harmless.

This is not completely true, as all the fire elements are as much present in an office as in any other business, and poor housekeeping or negligence in maintaining equipment or following manufacturer instructions can put your office at risk.

Every office needs to work to prevent fires, the most common measure being, in addition to its health-related benefits, enforcing a no-smoking policy inside the premises, and confining smoking to designated and hazard free areas.

Below are some other useful tips to follow to make sure the risk of a fire is minimized for your workplace.


Tip #1: Follow Recommendations for Power Strips


Power strips are almost a requirement in an office setting as they make it easier to plug in everything an employee might need, no matter how far away the outlet is. However, there are limits to how much can be plugged into a power strip. Always adhere to these limits to prevent a fire.


Tip #2: Keep the Office Clean

Paper and other trash should be cleaned up daily and disposed of properly. Do not let any paper or trash accumulate where it shouldn’t be, especially near hot equipment, electrical outlets, or in smoking areas. A small spark near a pile of papers could lead to a fire.


Tip #3: Store Hazardous Materials Appropriately


Hazardous and flammable materials could cause a fire if they aren’t stored properly. Some equipment can generate enough heat to ignite any flammable liquids stored nearby. You need to comply with manufacturer instructions to ensure all materials are stored appropriately.


Tip #4: Inspect Electrical Cords


Frayed electrical cords are a common source of fires. All electrical cords in the office should be inspected regularly, and any that are damaged should be replaced immediately. Check computer, appliance, machine, and any other cords that might be used in the office. Always check cords before plugging in a new appliance or computer as well.


Tip #5: Turn Off Appliances at Night


If an appliance is left turned on, it can overheat and catch on fire. To prevent this, make sure all appliances are turned off at night, before leaving the office. One person should be designated to check all appliances to make sure nothing is left on, especially in the office’s break room.

Work with employees to make sure the office is as safe as possible and to ensure any potential fire issues are remedied to avoid the outbreak of a fire. Adequate fire-fighting extinguishers must be available, regularly maintained, and accessible at all times, with employees trained on how to use them in case of emergency. Last but not least, make sure you are insured as fires may still occur unexpectedly and can have devastating consequences.

To learn more about your Fire insurance needs or to request a quote, please contact us here.






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