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5 Tips for taking safe selfies

5 Tips for taking safe selfies

Millions of selfies are posted on social media every day. The reasons for taking them can vary considerably from one individual to the other, but whatever these may be, one thing is for sure, selfies have become a fixture in our daily lives.

Unfortunately, some people take the pursuit of the perfect selfie to the next level, putting themselves, and sometimes others, whether willingly or not, at risk. In fact, a study by the India Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care showed that, over a period of six years ending in 2017, 137 selfie-taking incidents have resulted in 259 deaths. The average age was 23.

Since taking a selfie is practically a given, and since, under certain circumstances, it can be dangerous, here are five tips to selfie safety:


Tip#1: Look where you are going


Searching for the perfect spot or keeping your eyes on the phone can be very distracting. This will prevent you from exercising caution even for the most obvious of things such as looking both ways before crossing the street or noticing that you are near a construction site. You may even take a wrong turn putting your personal safety at risk. Always pay attention to your environment.


Tip#2: Do not “selfie” while driving


This ranks right up there with drinking or texting while driving. Avoid it at all costs because it is a recipe for disaster.

Taking or even posting a selfie while driving is one of the worst decisions you can ever make. This not only puts your own life at risk, but also the life of others, whether they are friends or family riding with you, or pedestrians or passengers in other vehicles.


Tip#3: Stay away from high risk places


These include standing at the edge of a cliff, a bridge, a high rise building or a waterfall, bending over a balcony, getting too close to dangerous animals at the zoo...Such places may seem like a great setting for a selfie, but one false move, one extra step in the wrong direction is all it takes to put your life at risk. 


Tip#4: Heed the warning signs


If a place is considered dangerous enough to warrant a warning sign, chances are it is equally as dangerous, if not more so, when taking a selfie. Do not ignore these signs. They are there to protect you. While this might bring to mind some major risks, even a wet or slippery floor at a mall, if overlooked, can represent a risk of injury.


Tip#5 Use your better judgment


It is not possible to list each and every thing that could go wrong while taking a selfie. Taking one near a water source while your mobile is plugged in is one example of where you should think before you act.



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